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Amanda [userpic]

It all works out...

March 23rd, 2006 (06:41 pm)

current mood: chipper

Well, as most of you know that the Route 66 roadtrip was cancelled. Well a few of us Angel, Sam, and myself are going to go to New York City in August (7-11). We are probably going to go see Avenue Q on Broadway, take the 48 hour NYC tour, go to the Village, CBGB, and I want to show them my favorite spot in the City.

I have decided that tomorrow is going to be the beginning of a new life of healthiness for me. I made an entire 35 day calendar menu and exercise plan. I'm hoping to lose 45 lbs by the time we go to NYC. It would be pretty awesome. 45 is my max and 30 is my min goals. If I follow the 2lb rule I could lose 38. You usually lose more the first week, mostly water, and if I am exercising consistantly I should lose more than 2 a week (maybe 3 some times), so that's why I set the max at 45.

Anyway, I already have a LOT of jobs for May so I'm pretty happy about that. Since it's an "on call" job it's nice to know when I'm needed in advance.